Firm / Quality Policy

Ömeroğlu Agri-Products Co.

Food Safety Policy

Ömeroğlu Tarım has adopted the following principles as the main policy in the agricultural products, spices and oil seeds sector;
• It observes consumer health in this direction by fulfilling the requirements of the FSSC 22000 Standard.
• It produces quality and safe foods to meet national and international legal requirements.
•Acting with the principle that the basis of safe food is safe raw material, it provides controlled production from the acceptance of the raw material to the last stage of the product.
• It supports their development by cooperating with suppliers.
• It provides food safety from field to table.
• It always prioritizes customer terms for the continuity of customer satisfaction.
• Attaching importance to the training of its personnel, it trains conscious personnel.
• It supports the continuous improvement of the system.


At Ömeroğlu Tarım, all processes and packaging are carried out by conscious employees by applying strict hygiene rules.

In the facility where the highest quality systems are applied, all warehouse floors are made of epoxy material, and the production and packaging area is continuously fed with clean air through special filters.

During packaging, the product is tested against both foreign substances with sieves in diameters determined according to the type of the product and metal contamination with a metal detector designed according to the latest technology.

The metal detector works with a sensitivity of 0.6 mm Fe and 1.0 mm SS.


The laboratory which follows best manufacturing practices according to European standards is run by qualified personnel and is equipped with HPLC, spectrophotometer and other modern equipment as well as an R&D kitchen and a tasting room to make sure all physical, chemical, instrumental and microbiological spice analyses can be performed, opening a new perspective to the industry .


Sanita Food Co., an affiliate of Ömeroğlu Agri-Products, is the only Turkish business in the industry equipped with a drying facility, microwave, steam sterilization, grinding, operation, sorting and packaging lines under the same roof.

The production process employs cutting-edge technology to produce in high volumes and quality.


Drying: Drying is performed by hot air, and the product is fully dried with no deterioration in color and quality.

Steam Sterilization : Sterilization is performed using dry steam, which destroys 99,98% of all microorganisms including pathogens. As a natural and healthy method, it also extends the shelf life of products, enabling us to offer the most hygienic products to the customers.

Microwave: Microwave sterilization technique is used to ensure that the products are perfectly sterilized with no changes in color and aroma.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: This method is used for overseas applications and employs the cold sterilization technique so that the products are perfectly sterilized with no changes in color and aroma.


Packaging is performed hygienically and with no human intervention at desired weights through the 6 packaging lines which automatically handle packaging by sectors or different product groups using cutting-edge technology.


Hygiene and GMP standards are implemented in the warehouses which operate according to FIFO.