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Sanimix is a unit that produces professional spice and full combi blends with its brand under Ömeroğlu Tarım. As Sanimix, we have a solution partnership with many professional companies in the food industry since 2011. In addition to the high quality mono spice prepared by Ömeroğlu Tarım as the quality of spices in its mixtures, Sanimix does not compromise the principle of high quality including in the products supplied from the market as an auxiliary material.

It serves its customers with approximately 160 different mixes (in seasoning, full combi and premix areas). Apart from this, it can carry out new product studies, existing samples, mach studies made according to the product and product development studies with the customer in line with the demands of the customers.

It has become one of the leading companies in its sector with its machinery investment of approximately 1 million dollars. It offers its products to its customers with the analysis certificates and product specifications of the products it produces. Production made in accordance with all existing quality standards within Ömeroğlu Tarım has been accepted by many of its customers and has been adopted in terms of standard and continuity.

Working with the principle of quality first, Sanimix works with professional full combi boilers, meatball mixtures, salad dressing spices, international cuisine mixes such as Taco, Fajita, Garammasala, Turkish cuisine mixes such as Chicken Seasoning, Barbecue Mix, Kebab Mix and it also adapts the necessary innovations to the production structure rapidly by following the research and technological developments in order to maintain its current dynamics in the field of infrastructure mixtures for many food.

Mainly in the Meat Products Sector; Sanimix supplies both advanced process combi boiler products and mono spices and mixtures of many large, medium-sized and small companies such as Lezita, Keskinoğlu, CP, Er Piliç, Şen Chicken, Based, Ülker, Namet, Banvit, Bahar Poultry, Bereket Doner, Migros, Aytaç, Panagro, Pınar Meat, Torku Meat, Unilever, Dr. Oetker, Nestle, Frito Lay, Eti, Tamek and Susitaş.

Sanimix, which has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction, has the ability to pack its existing products between 10 gr and 25 kg in different packaging materials and shapes. As Sanimix team, we are proud to be your solution partner also.

Raw Materials

All Kind Of Spices
Garlic Powders
Garlic Granules
Onion Powders
Onion Granules

Oleoresisns & Oils

Paprika Oleoresin
Capsicum Oleoresin
Cumin Oleoresin
Blackpepper Oleoresin
Ginger Oleoresin
Coriander Oleoresin
Nutmeg Oleoresin
Pimento Oleoresin
Garlic Oil


Raw Meatball Mix
Filled Meatball Mix
Filled Bread Mix
Greek Salad Sauce Mix
Italian Salad Sauce Mix
Chicken Seasoning
Chicken Seasoning (With Bread Crumb)
Pizza Seasoning
Macaroni Seasoning
Cajun Seasoning
Ottoman Seasoning
Seven kind Seasoning
Potato Seasoning
Five Spice Seasoning
Kebap & Grill Mix
Olive Mix
Paste Mix
Cheese Mix
Garam Masala
Tica Masala
Madras Curry
Taco Mix
Fajita Mix
Barbeque Mix
Tandoori Mix
Shrimp Mix
Hot Paste Mix
Chips Mix


Saniphos A
Saniphos B
Saniphos C


Fermented Rice (1200)
Carmin Dark
(WS %50-52)
Carmin Lake

Emulsifying Agents





Cellulose Fibre



Fermented Soudjouk Combies
Heat Treatment Soudjouk Combies
Pepperoni Combies


Beef Ham Combi
Turkey Ham Combi
Chicken Ham Combi

Emulsifild Meat Products

Sausage Combies
Salami Combies
Liver Pate Combi
Luncheon Meat Combies


Sanirom OM
Savour X

Curing Salts

Sanisalt (0.75%)
Sanisalt (3 %)


Briner Pw 45-0
Briner Pw 45-L
Mariner 10
Mariner 20
Mariner 40


Beef Doner Combies
Chicken Doner Combies
Turkey Doner Combies

Meatball Groups

Hamburger Combi
Izgara Combi
Inegol Combi
Tekirdağ Combi
Akcaabat Combi
Kasap Combi
Adana Combi
Misket Combi